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Staff Changes at Hart Bio

By Ellie Nixon | 12th January 2022

There's been some changes to the staff at Hart over the last few months. The new members of the team are, Katrina Wright who is a Quality Control Analyst, Lucy Horsley, who is a Research Scientist and Ellie Robson who is an Apprentice Lab Technician within the QC department.

Let's see how everyone has settled into their new roles.

Katrina Wright - Quality Control Analyst

Katrina said: “I have had a very warm welcome to Hart by the team which has made settling in very easy for me. While there has been, and still is, a lot to learn, my training really has been a priority which has allowed me to gain so many new skills. My personal highlights for working here at Hart are the structured work days. I love the flexible start times as it makes the commute here much less stressful.

The location is very close to home so I don’t have to travel too far to get here in the morning, which is another bonus. I also absolutely love the friendly and welcoming staff here who have made me feel so comfortable and part of the team since my very first day on site.

My responsibilities in QC include, testing reagents and plasmas and analysing the data from tests, safety and cleanliness of the lab and equipment. I also organise testing within the diary and setting up those tests as well as checking outgoing products.”

Lucy Horsley - Research Scientist

Lucy said: “I am proud to be in such a challenging but rewarding role. Hart Biologicals is a wonderful company and I have developed great relationships with my team in such a short space of time. My main responsibilities include researching publications and improving existing reagents to help our company and its clients with their haemostasis testing and enquiries.”

Ellie Robson - Apprentice Lab Technician

Ellie said: "I really enjoy working at Hart as I felt welcomed from my very first day and already after months feel included and part of the team. I am very happy with my apprentice role as it has allowed me to learn so many new things and meet so many new nice people."

Welcome to the team!

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