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Overview of The ISTH 2021 Virtual Congress

By Ellie Nixon | 11th August 2021

The International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH) held its 2021 Congress virtually from July 17th-21st in order to ensure the safety and equity of all attendees during the global COVID-19 pandemic. More than 7,000 scientists, researchers and physicians representing over 100 countries attended to present clinical research and discuss the diagnostic and advances in bleeding and clotting disorders.

The ISTH Virtual Congress included a virtual exhibition space for pharmaceutical, diagnostic and medical device companies as well as partner organisations. It also featured supported symposia and presentation theaters on the most recent diagnostic and therapeutic innovations in the field. The interactive online components accommodated the worldwide attendees in the rapidly changing global health environment. 

Sessions & Discussions:

Jason Knight presented a true ISTH 2021 State Of the Art discussion about ‘What We Know About Drivers of Thrombosis in Covid-19’. During the presentation, the following open questions were highlighted:

  • Do platelets track disease severity? 
  • How should we target neutrophils clinically?
  • Are autoantibodies pathogenic?


ISTH held many other insightful presentations that focused on Covid-19. Jason Knight, Dr. Neil Zakhai and Andreas Greinacher hosted a discussion on ‘Covid-19 and Coagulation in 2021’. As a company who specialise in haemostasis testing Hart stresses the importance of continued anticoagulation monitoring during the pandemic. Therefore, this session was impressive and discussed the challenges and complications faced within the industry due to the pandemic. 

Vinod Kalathiveetil and Ann Marie O’Neil held a session for ISTH Congress Daily News and discussed ‘What Impact Is World Thrombosis Day Making Around the Globe?’. They discussed how raising awareness of thrombosis is highly significant.

It was stated that it is important for people to understand as much about thrombosis as possible, especially in but not limited to hospital settings as Ann Marie O’Neil stresses that it is about prevention not just diagnosis. This is since being in a hospital can increase your risk of developing VTE. Hospital-associated VTE consists of up to 60% of all VTEs annually and others include cancer-associated thrombosis and gender-specific risks. (1)

This year, World Thrombosis Day is taking place on 13/10/2021.

Other relevant ISTH sessions included: 

  • Rare Bleeding Disorders
  • Fibrinogen and Factor XIII in Disease
  • Health outcomes in VTE

Additional features of the congress included oral communications, e-posters, recordings and virtual attendee interactions. 

ISTH 2021 received more than 2,000 scientific abstracts, which were presented at the congress. The abstracts covered the most important scientific topics in thrombosis and hemostasis which include but are not limited to, coagulation and anticoagulants, diagnostics, fibrinolysis, haemophilia, rare bleeding disorders, clotting disorders, platelets and venous thromboembolism.

The ISTH 2022 congress will be held in London, UK from July 9th-13th 2022.

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