New users of the Hart Biologicals Thrombistat MC1WB System Image
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New users of the Thrombistat MC1WB System

By Hart Bio | 30th January 2019
New users of the Hart Biologicals Thrombistat MC1WB System Image

Hart Biologicals, the haematology and thrombosis specialist, has been successful in placing its Thrombistat MC1WB systems in a strategic location in the South East of England. 

Two of its systems will provide anticoagulation testing services for up to 400 people in South-East Essex. 

Paul Bates, Sales Manager at Hart Biologicals, said: “We are in an age where there has never been such a large choice for doctors needing to provide anticoagulation support for patients. 

“Despite the availability of the new direct oral anticoagulant (DOAC) drugs, it seems that the use of Warfarin is still the treatment of many as the preferred method of choice.” 

Paul suggests that due to its ‘tried and tested’ formula there could still be many years of use ahead for Warfarin. 

He continues: “We are very pleased that the clinic involved, which provides community services across a large rural area of Essex, has decided to adopt our Thrombistat MC1WB as the system of choice for their anticoagulant services. 

“Historically the INR clinics there have used a meter device from a competitor but due to the cost of the strips, and as patient numbers have risen over the years, the cost of running such clinics has rocketed. 

“By switching to the Thrombistat MC1WB solution, the anticoagulation clinics will continue to offer a high-quality service with all results tested for integrity and save potentially around £15,000 in service costs each year.” 

The MC1 single channel can provide anticoagulation monitoring services in GP surgeries, community pharmacies, health centres or hospital outpatient clinics and Hart Biologicals’ INR systems are precise and comparable to laboratory testing.

Thrombistat utilises the wet chemistry approach and is compatible with the Manchester Capillary Reagent Kit. 

By mixing the sample with a pre-prepared reagent they provide accurate, reliable near-patient results in under two minutes.

Paul went on to say: “INR results generated by the Thrombistat MC1WB unit are completely compatible with the Warfarin dosing software being used by the service.  

“We have many satisfied customers around the country employing our Thrombistat solution in anticoagulation services, particularly in rural areas. 

“They benefit from the lowest possible running costs available, enjoy excellent back-up from our technical support team based at our company headquarters in Hartlepool and can participate in an established external quality assurance scheme organised by UK NEQAS, Sheffield. 

“With a high number of our sites participating in the scheme, users of the system can be assured that their participation ensures they are generating INR results with integrity and providing patients with secure, anticoagulation support.”

Hart Biologicals offers a complete range of instrumentation, reagents and consumables for use by anticoagulation clinics involved in the measurement of INR values. 

More information on reagents can be found here or instruments here and a presentation can be viewed at the company’s YouTube page HERE

You can also read more about the system at the dedicated website