As the World Health Organisation labelled the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19 as a pandemic, the Hartlepool-based healthcare manufacturer has stepped up its campaign of vigilance to keep its customers and employees as safe as possible. 

The company’s Managing Director, Alexander Ebinger, said: “With many people now affected by the disease around the world, we have taken steps to ensure that people arriving at the company and leaving it are able to do so at minimal risk to others.

"We are making sure that everyone is aware of the safety information as it becomes available from the government and understands the requirements needed. As providers of healthcare services to the NHS and business partners around the world we are confident that the measures and precautions in place will keep employees and customer alike as safe as possible” 

The company is also ensuring that materials arriving and leaving its facility are ‘fit to do so’ to make sure there is no disruption to the supply of its products and services to its customers 

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