Hart Bio launches ADP MEA and TRAP-6 MEA  Image
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Hart Bio launches ADP MEA and TRAP-6 MEA

By Hart Bio | 5th March 2020
Hart Bio launches ADP MEA and TRAP-6 MEA  Image

The ADP MEA and TRAP-6 MEA join the first three products that Hart Biologicals has available in the range, the Aspirin MEA Test 3 x 1ml (HB-5613-FG)Collagen MEA Test 3 x 1ml (HB-5614-FG) and Ristocetin MEA Test 3x1ml (HB-5615-FG)

Both ADP MEA and TRAP-6 MEA are designed to monitor and test the platelet aggregation function of patients. 

Keighley Larkin, Head of the Technical Team at Hart Biologicals, said: “We’re pleased to be introducing these products to the market to expand on our existing work within the MEA range. 

“We offer two lines of platelet aggregation reagents, one focussing on Light Transmission Aggregometry (LTA) and the other in the specialist MEA systems. There aren’t currently many manufacturers who are offering both lines of  product, so we have seen a lot of interest already. 

“We’re continuing to develop the MEA range with plans to launch an Arachidonic Acid MEA product within the next eight weeks.” 

ADP MEA has been designed for use in diagnosing platelet dysfunction or normal platelet activity in whole blood for Multiple Electrode Aggregometry (MEA). 

ADP MEA induced aggregation would be sensitive to disorders such as aspirin like defects, P2Y12 and P2Y1 defects, dense granule defects, secretion defects, Glanzmann Thrombasthenia and storage pool defect. 

TRAP-6 MEA has also been developed within the range of platelet aggregation reagents and is used to diagnose platelet dysfunction or normal platelet activity using platelet aggregation in whole blood samples on an MEA device. 

TRAP-6 is a synthetic hexapeptide that activates the thrombin receptor independent of receptor cleavage, without triggering fibrin formation. 

TRAP-6 induced platelet aggregation may be absent or reduced in the presence of glycoprotein Ib (GpIIb)/IIIa antagonists or in deficiency states of Glanzmann Thrombasthenia receptors. 

The new products will be available from Hart Biologicals as follows: 

ADP MEA – HB-5616-FG (3x 1.0ml) 

TRAP-6 MEA – HB-5618-FG (3 x 1.0ml) 

More information on the ADP MEA and TRAP-6 MEA can be found here.