Hartlepool College joins the blood drive for Hart Biologicals Image
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Hartlepool College joins the blood drive

By Hart Bio | 1st May 2015
Hartlepool College joins the blood drive for Hart Biologicals Image

The medical diagnostics company, which already recruits apprentices from the College, requires blood samples each week to test and use for research and development.

These can be difficult to find but with the support of the College, staff know that they have a regular source of blood to use.

Darren Hankey, Principal of Hartlepool College, said: “Hartlepool College is proud to support such an innovative and forward-thinking business within the town.

“There was a great turn out at the initial launch of the scheme and the first few staff have already began to give blood – myself included.”

The support of Hartlepool College comes much to the delight of Keighley Campbell, Head of Research and Development at Hart Biologicals.

She said: “We are constantly on the lookout for more blood donations, so to have such an esteemed College volunteer and promote our work to staff is brilliant.

“We’re already partnered with a number of local colleges in the area alongside our dedicated team who all give blood on a regular basis. This goes towards developing and testing our products while ensuring all our kits are working.

“We cannot wait to begin working further with Hartlepool College and hope to continue increasing donations.”