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Hart Biologicals continues to supply the NHS

By Hart Bio | 3rd April 2020
Hart Biologicals continues to supply the NHS  Image

As the NHS faces up to the unprecedented challenges posed by the threat of COVID-19, many other patients not affected by the coronavirus still rely on the services it provides for vital preventative care.  

This week at Hart Biologicals, we made sure that much needed supplies were delivered to frontline services involved in the provisioning of near-patient testing services. 

Keighley Larkin, Technical Manager at Hart Biologicals, said: “We have stepped-up our procedures and staff rotas since the coronavirus outbreak. 

“As a team, we are making sure that in these very difficult times, we can still make the very important deliveries of our products to hospitals, healthcare centres and clinics who are involved in providing anticoagulation services.” 

At Hart Biologicals we provide reagents and supplies which allow patients, at risk of thrombosis due to a variety of clinical conditions, to be tested to make sure their medication is optimal.

The test uses a small amount of blood from a finger prick and mixed with reagents, which we produce, and tested on one of our machines. This means if there has been a change in the patient’s blood, a change in dose of the medication can be prescribed. 

Keighley went on to say: “It is important that each patient stays as close as possible to a target number within a therapeutic window. That way they gain very important ‘protection’ from the risk and complications of thrombosis.” 

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