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Changing Futures North East

By Ellie Nixon | 2nd February 2022

Volunteers needed!

Changing Futures North East are actively looking for volunteers (particularly males) from Hartlepool and Teesside to help with their new befriending project. The project supports young men and boys in care.

Young men and boys thrive when supported by a positive male role model and by mentoring them, it helps them reach their personal, professional, and educational potential. Their individual volunteers spend about 3-4 hours twice a month with a young person in the community-out for walks, getting some food and trying new activities together.




Key Points About Getting Involved:

  • You need to be 18+ to apply. We welcome enquiries and applications from men of all backgrounds.
  • Use of a car is beneficial but not essential.
  • No previous experience of supporting young people is necessary. We provide full training.
  • We are looking for men with the right values. Male volunteers who can befriend, support, advise and are committed to young people reaching their potential. Our male volunteers engage, inspire and motivate young people who need help overcoming difficulties in their life and would benefit from a listening ear.
  • The requirement is that you are able to see the young person twice a month (usually on evenings and weekends) for a minimum of 2 years.
  • The role is subject to an informal interview and training. You need to be 18+ and live in Teesside. (1)

The charity is valuable to Hart as they regularly volunteer to provide us with much needed blood donations. The charity are also local to the area, so please help to spread the word about this important campaign. 

To speak to the Changing Futures North East team by phone, please ring 01429 891 444 or head over to their Facebook page to send a DM.

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