Celebrating one year of Hart Biologicals and Hart Innovations Image
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Celebrating one year of Hart Biologicals and Hart Innovations

By Hart Bio | 14th September 2020
Celebrating one year of Hart Biologicals and Hart Innovations Image

Hart Biologicals celebrated its first year under new ownership with exciting plans to further develop its international presence.

Alexander Ebinger, former Head of Research and Development at the company, was appointed as the new Managing Director, last year after its founder Alby Pattison sold the company to a new investor.

With the new appointment, the company, which employs around 50 people at its site in Hartlepool’s Rivergreen Business Centre, is looking to increase its sales and presence in developing markets in Africa, Asia and South America.

Alexander Ebinger said: “This time last year we had a long day with lawyers signing a lot of documents and a little celebration afterwards, and on the next day, our new adventure began!

“I want to take this moment to thank everyone for their help during this year, it’s made my job much easier by being so cooperative and eagerly going into a new stretch for Hart Bio.

“Nobody could have predicted what this year would bring for all of us, but we are managing the challenges as best we can.

“Lately, I have taken stock of what our goals were for our first year, and I have to say, given the circumstances we have done very well.

“We managed to integrate Hart Innovations into Hart Biologicals without any significant hiccups.”

Hart Biologicals is close to introducing a new quality management software which will significantly simplify a lot of processes.

Alex continued: “We have started putting more people into sales or sales-associated roles which will turn out to be a big factor in the future to grow Hart over the next several years.

“Even though the current coronavirus pandemic is impacting everybody, both personally and all industries; it is certainly not what I expected my first year as MD to be like.

“I believe we will come out of this stronger and better prepared for 2021! So, once again thank you to everybody in the Hart family, and I’m looking forward to an even more successful second half of the year.”

For the latest update on the coronavirus situation at Hart Biologicals, please visit: https://www.hartbio.co.uk/news/making-hart-bio-safe-place-be/