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Making Hart Bio a safe place to be

By Hart Bio | 3rd June 2020
Making Hart Bio a safe place to be Image

As the fight against COVID-19 continues around the world and the lockdown measures here in the UK start to be relaxed very slowly, all businesses face the challenge of how to get back on track.

At Hart Biologicals detailed assessments of the governments new guidance have taken place, to ensure that the safety of all its employees, customers and visitors is maintained so that the company is ready to face the tasks ahead.

Managing Director Alexander Ebinger said “As an important part of the healthcare supply chain both at home and abroad we’ve already done our best in trying to make the working conditions here as safe as possible during the pandemic.

"We’ve assessed the new guidance issued by government and have decided to take action to support the mental wellbeing of staff on site and those working from home by signing up to the RISE programme offered by BHSF. We hope this programme that offers 24/7 helplines providing mental health support, care support and even information around financial matters will be useful to everyone that uses it in these difficult times.




Alexander went on to say “We’ve established a one-way-priority-system to avoid congestion and head-on contact between people in highly trafficked areas, using a system of floor markings which people will now be familiar with in places like supermarkets and garden centres. Our production areas have been assessed for the need to erect separators and dividers. Site access has been staggered to assist with social distancing measures while deliveries and collections are now handled on a strictly contactless basis.

"We are confident that with the measures we have in place within the company and the great cooperation we have had from our staff, we are ready for what lies ahead so that we keep connected with all our customers and contacts both at home in the UK and around the world.

More information about the government’s guidelines can be found at:

More information about the RISE programme offered by BHSF (Birmingham Hospital Saturday Fund) can be found at: