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Why choose Hart Biologicals as your Contract Manufacturing partner?

By Hart Bio | 13th September 2019
Why choose Hart Biologicals as your Contract Manufacturing partner? Image

As Hart Biologicals celebrates its 10th anniversary since moving into its current headquarters location at Rivergreen Business Centre on the outskirts of Hartlepool, much has changed since those early days in September 2009.  

Following the vision of company founder and former owner Alby Pattison to continue to build a company aimed at focusing on the development and manufacture of products aimed at ‘making a difference’ to 21st century healthcare, by late 2008 the company had outgrown its previous premises on a small industrial estate close to the town centre. The search was on for a new home.

Initially occupying 10,000 square feet in building no. 2, open warehouse space has been transformed, into a number of specialised production laboratories, which are used to make the company’s standard range of products designed for use in the diagnosis and treatment of many coagulation disorders of the blood.  

As the company continued to grow other companies from the industry identified the skills and specialist knowledge available at the company and have become Contract Manufacturing partners  

Contract Manufacturing has become a key part of the activity of Hart Biologicals, working with a number of premium-brand companies across the globe, helping to develop and create products suitable for specific customer needs. Customers can expect assembly of quality custom-products with friendly support through each stage of the project.  

Our expert Research and Development team are available to work with the contracting partner to provide full technical, design and development support to produce an innovative reagent or kit that satisfies customer needs.  

Jason Pattison, Operations Manager, said: “Moving into the new premises allowed us to expand and refine a whole range of manufacturing processes and procedures which are used within the in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) industry.  

“The presence of these processes, which allow us to make our own labelled product have also allowed us to cooperate and work with other companies to build a substantial portfolio of contract manufacturing partners. 

“We are a company that offers an interactive contract manufacturing service that partners often want. They can approach us with an idea about a new product or discuss one that is already in a stage of development. 

“We are in a good position to produce variations of products, in small or large quantities, that ensure high specifications and on a timescale that suits the partner and their customers. The turnaround for producing products from the time of order is quick and cost effective, with the timescale suited to what the contract partner wants. 

“Our versatile service offers engineering-assisted solutions where needed and full compliance with current IVD regulatory requirements with support from the expertise and knowledge of our Quality Assurance team, there to help the customer before, through and after product validation.”  

Increased demand from both its contract partners and for its own labelled products meant that by 2014 extra space was needed, the company signing up to occupy 6,000 square feet of similar space next door at 3A Rivergreen.  

Jason continued: “By working with our global reagent manufacturing partners we produce first-class products covering a wide range of kit formats to suit their needs. 

The process can also include packaging with the partner’s own branding, before we will ship the finalised product. 

Jason finished by saying: “We are a well-established company with 45+ very experienced people and we are continuing to make ourselves known within this industry.  

“With the recent acquisition of Hart Biologicals, our new owners are looking to build on the company’s extensive contract manufacturing platform with a five-year plan, with plans to interact with more similar companies.” 

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