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Resetting Healthcare following a global pandemic

By Hart Biologicals | 6th January 2021

The COVID-19 crisis has had a transformative effect on the global healthcare system. From its early beginnings in China’s Wuhan province in 2019, it’s progressed into a worldwide pandemic the likes of which the world hasn’t seen since the Spanish Flu.


The realities of a modern globalised world are that countries have become so intertwined through trade, technology, and financial markets, that no country is immune from the spread of coronavirus or the economic aftershock. This is particularly challenging for a biomedical company like Hart Biologicals, as our exports rely on seamless access to international markets to sell and distribute our products across the globe 


However, the practical result of the COVID-19 crisis is that healthcare systems across the globe have had to adopt new ways of working to manage the upsurge in cases. Healthcare organisations have shifted their priorities; departments have been restructured, non-essential operations have been postponed, and access to healthcare professionals has been restricted. This has also accelerated technology-based trends that have been transforming the sector over recent years. Shifting towards virtual ICU models in many countries, greater use of AI diagnostic tools and cloud-based storage of medical records. At Hart Biologicals, this time has reaffirmed our capability to adapt, and our capacity to react to unforeseen circumstances with minimal operational or overall impact.


The disruption has also created a space where healthcare across the globe is rethinking the way their services will operate in the coming decades. This involves embedding examples of innovation and best practice into everyday service-delivery and being open to new ideas to improve healthcare experiences.


For biomedical companies like Hart Biologicals, this presents an opportunity to increase the availability of our innovative haemostasis products and solutions across international healthcare systems. We’re at the forefront of our industry and have become renowned partners in the UK and global INR market. We also have particular expertise in the field of thromboelastometry reagents and instruments, supplying major international companies and international quality control organisations.


Our team has hundreds of combined years of experience in the haemostasis testing market that is second-to-none. One of our strongest assets as a business is our expert R&D team which keeps us at the cutting edge of the sector. Our products are bespoke, innovative, and tailored to meet our customer’s business needs. This means we’re equipped to handle changing priorities and are able to adapt to new and evolving trends. 


We’ve worked with some of the leading companies in the world. From our Hartlepool headquarters, we’ve established a global network of distributors across Europe, South America and Asia Having developed inroads into emerging markets such as Thailand and South East Asia.


At a time when we begin to reimagine what the global health service will look like in years to come, Hart Biologicals are well positioned, and excited to see the opportunities the future holds. We’re ready. Let’s make the next year a new start for the global healthcare system.


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