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Product in Focus: Ristocetin CoFactor Assay Kit

By Ellie Nixon | 31st March 2022

This week, the product in focus is the Hart Biologicals Ristocetin co-factor assay kit. The kit is intended for the quantification of von Willebrand factor activity through the reflective assay of Ristocetin co-factor activity.

The kit measures the ability of patient plasma to agglutinate formalin-fixed platelets in the presence of Ristocetin.




Hart Biologicals Ristocetin co-factor assay kit is supplied as:

·           4 x 6ml lyophilised formalin-fixed human platelets

·           2 x 1ml 10mg/ml Ristocetin lyophilised

·           2 x 1.0ml Reference standard derived from normal human plasma - lyophilised

·           2 x 0.5ml Abnormal control derived from human plasma

·           2 x 25ml Tris-buffered saline with preservatives and stabilisers


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