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Contract Manufacturing: Optimisation

By Ellie Nixon | 13th April 2022

Hart is engaged in the research, development, manufacture, and marketing of a range of in-vitro diagnostic products for use in the detection, prevention, and monitoring of a number of medical conditions related to haemostasis and platelet function. Hart provide innovative and quality medical products to meet the needs of an ever-changing healthcare field.

We can assist you at any stage of the product development process and we have extensive experience launching products on the global market. Having worked on a wide range of products in the field of haemostasis and coagulation, we can assist you in optimising your design or concept to maximise its potential.

We will work with you to optimise your design or concept to reach its full potential, and tailor a solution to your specifications and desires.

We often work to make several iterations of a product to optimise the product and its production to meet the customers’ needs and product quality requirements. We can provide expert advice and implement the breadth of our previous findings. We’ll work with you to determine a cost-efficient, quality solution.

We work with small and large-scale batch sizes and use our extensive product knowledge and our scientific background to increase efficiency and reduce waste during production. All of our manufacturing takes place at our headquarters in Hartlepool, giving us complete control over products, processes, and documentation to ensure highest quality.

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