New data defines the clinical performance of T-TAS Image
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New data defines the clinical performance of T-TAS

By Hart Bio | 10th July 2020
New data defines the clinical performance of T-TAS Image

The T-TAS 01 (Total Thrombus-formation Analysis System) is a platelet aggregation test device that uses an automated microchip flow chamber system to evaluate thrombogenicity in whole blood and has been developed as an easy-to-use system for quantitative analysis of thrombus formation. The system allows the quick and easy assessment of platelet thrombus development under physiological flow conditions which approximates to thrombus formation in vivo.

The PL chip is intended for use with the analyser in the clinical laboratory to determine the platelet thrombus formation process (primary haemostatic function) in patients with a history of conditions associated with impaired primary haemostatic function or use of antiplatelet therapy. The test uses BAPA-anticoagulated whole blood specimens to measure platelet adhesion to the thrombogenic collagen-coated surface and subsequent aggregation, which causes an increase in flow pressure inside the PL chip.

The test measures primary haemostatic function as the area under the pressure-time curve (AUC), with AUC < 260 suggesting abnormal primary haemostatic function. The reportable range for the T-TAS 01 PL assay AUC is 0.3 – 467.7. Once identified additional testing may be necessary to identify the cause(s) of abnormal primary haemostatic function. The test has been evaluated in patients taking antiplatelet therapy, in patients with von Willebrand disease, and in patients with Glanzmann’s thrombasthenia.

Various substances have been tested for their ability to affect PL assay AUC results in normal donors and donors taking aspirin with abnormal AUC. Cilostazol, dipyridamole, ibuprofen, and tirofiban are all known to inhibit platelet activity and have been shown to reduce the AUC result in a dose-dependent manner. Potent anticoagulants such as dabigatran and rivaroxaban do not affect the PL assay results even at levels higher than therapeutic doses.

The T-TAS 01 device was developed and is manufactured by Zacros Ltd of Japan which is a subsidiary of Fujimori Kogyo. Hart Biologicals is the authorised distributor of T-TAS systems in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

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