Hart makes a life changing donation to Talia’s trike fund Image
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Hart makes a life changing donation to Talia’s trike fund

By Hart Bio | 9th June 2017
Hart makes a life changing donation to Talia’s trike fund Image

8 year old Talia Foster from Hartlepool has battled since birth with a number of conditions throughout her lifetime, which have resulted in her being unable to walk, talk or sit unaided. This has made keeping up with other children almost impossible for her, resulting in her missing out on a number of experiences and opportunities that other children her age have had.

Thanks to a generous donation from Hart Biological, Talia is now enjoying getting out with friends and families.

The family with the help of Whizz Kids, a charity which provides mobility equipment for disabled children, raised funds for a top of the range, customised trike, which fits all Talia’s mobility needs perfectly, with Hart Bio donating the final £1000 to reach the target.

Clair Foster, Talia’s mum said: “the trike is made up of two components, a wheel chair at the front and a bike at the back. The wheelchair part is detachable so when you arrive somewhere, the bike can be locked up and left outside. The whole thing is also really easy to fold away so once we have the chair crash tested we can easily put it in the back of the van and take it further afield. I’m really looking forward to being able to take Talia for a trip to the beach with it.”

“This trike gives Talia the opportunity to be like every other kid. She’ll never be able to ride a bike herself but with the trike she gets the experience every other kid gets. It gives her freedom and a bit of normality, and because the trike can be modified and extended as she grows, Talia will be able to enjoy it right through till adulthood, until she’s finished with it basically."

“We went to the park and she absolutely loved every second. She was squealing and laughing and loved having the wind in her face and being out in the sunshine, rather than being stuck inside. The trike is going to give us so many amazing memories that will last forever; it allows the family to spend time together doing normal things that normal families do. The trike is so light weight and easy to use that Talia’s older sister Gabrielle can take her for a ride, giving the girls a chance to bond."

“We are so incredibly grateful for all the support we have received and can’t thank Hart Biologicals enough for their incredibly kind donation and for making this possible for Talia.”

Mal Pattison, Operations Director at Hart Biological said: "This particular cause is very close to all of our heart's as Talia is my niece, and we strive to support and show our commitment to a range of causes just like this one. From working with local schools and sports teams to being patrons of Hartlepool Hospice, supporting the local community is Hart's ethos. We aim to do everything we can to support Hartlepool and give something back."