THE distributor meeting held by Hart Biologicals received excellent feedback from all who attended.

Balakrishnan Naidu Lavaendran from Limax Medica Ltd said: “My time at Hart Biologicals over the two days upgraded my knowledge on the product range.”

Due to the distributor meeting, Lavaendran hopes to work with Hart Biologicals in the future in order for Limax to improve their product range with the quality that comes with working alongside Hart Biologicals.

Pia Ulaga ?okl who works at MIKRO+POLO d.o.o. said: “Hart Biologicals is a company with a high level of professionalism, friendliness and their hospitality is outstanding.

Toma┼ż Ho?evar who also works at MIKRO+POLO said: “The two days were very informative and we hope to work with Hart Biologicals in the future.”

Stephanie Höß from Biogenix Diagnostica GmbH said: “The distributor meeting was a great experience.

“I learned a lot about Hart Biologicals as a company, as well as finding out more about the products that they make.”

Pierre Lammens from Stago BNL said: “The last two days have been very well invested.

“By coming to the distributor meeting at Hart Biologicals, I have discovered a great team.”

All of the companies that attended the two day long distributor meeting at Hart Biologicals said they would definitely work with the company in the future.