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Hart Biologicals Support Family In Mind

By Ellie Nixon | 2nd December 2020

Here at Hart Biologicals, we've put our hart into the community and donated to the not-for-profit organisation, Family In Mind. 

Co-founded by Omar Al-Janabi, Family In Mind supports the emotional health and well-being of those who find themselves caring for others suffering with mental and physical health issues. They offer a temporary escape for hard-working carers, enabling them to recharge, diminish frustrations and to take the time to focus on themselves.

Prior to its founding, Omar found himself taking on the role as a carer looking after members of his family who suffered with both physical and mental issues.

Omar said: “I realised I was out of my depth in terms of care. I didn't really know who to turn to.”

Family In Mind understands that balancing a job and the new responsibility of being a carer is not easy. Therefore, they run a productive peer-to-peer support group between like-minded carers. 

The premise of the organisation isn’t to train carers. It is to be treated as a timeout for them to focus and restore the love for themselves so the love can be given back in full to the person they are caring for.

Omar continued: “You do it because you love them but as time goes by carer burnout happens and your love starts to turn into resentment for reasons out of your control.”

One way they do this is through organising a get-together, such as coffee mornings, hiking and beach walks to provide a breakaway from their daily routine. Due to coronavirus, face-to-face activities have been postponed but replaced with some virtual events. 

Family In Mind rely on much-needed donations to fund their service to help provide extra support and care for the carers who need it the most. Hart Bioligicals are proud to support this organisation. 
To find out more and donate click here