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Hart Bio on: Detecting higher risk thrombosis in COVID-19 patients

By Hart Bio | 28th May 2020
Hart Bio on: Detecting higher risk thrombosis in COVID-19 patients Image

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, a recent article from the BBC shows medical experts confirming up to 30% of patients who are seriously ill with COVID-19 are developing thrombosis. 

Inflammation has always been a risk factor for thrombosis and we know that COVID-19 comes with these complications, however, this seems to be far more severe than initially anticipated. 

Hart Biologicals manufactures test kits to monitor patients with blood thinning drugs such as warfarin in their systems and believe it possible to identify whether a patient is at higher risk of thrombosis. 
Alex Ebinger, Managing Director at Hart Biologicals said: “A safe anticoagulation protocol will help with managing these patients, but it might make releasing them home more difficult as this isn’t always easy to manage by themselves while patients are fully recovering in their homes. 

“Depending on how exactly COVID-19 initiates these thrombosis cases, it should be possible to detect high risk patients using some of the products from our ultrasense product line.”  

Thrombosis is a difficult condition to manage, especially if it is induced through such a varied process like inflammation. Doctors will have a hard time identifying who is especially at risk of this and who is not likely to have those complications.

A large part of Hart Biologicals’ client base uses its products for either routine laboratory screening or for emergency medicine, both areas are still operating and distributing to over 40 countries from its UK base. 

Hart Biologicals has seen a small reduction in orders, mainly around some of the genetic testing that it offers, however the routine laboratory products are still being used regularly.

For the recent coronavirus update from the team at Hart Biologicals please visit: https://www.hartbio.co.uk/news/hart-biologicals-continues-supply-its-overseas-mar/