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COVID-19 & Hart: The New Normal

By Ellie Nixon | 26th May 2021

It's been a tough year and COVID-19 has inevitably changed the way that we operate here at Hart. Therefore, the new normal is something that we all have had to adapt to.

The comapny have been following the government's guidance on COVID-19 and the workplace since the rules rolled out and we are continuing to do so. (1)

According to regarding labs and research facilities: ‘Employers should ensure workplaces are safe for anyone who cannot work from home. It is recognised that for many people who work in these types of workplace, it is often not possible to work from home.’ (2)

From this news, we had to make changes to our office space last year, alongside adapting our approach to the way that we work. 


Changes Hart Made:

We implemented a one-way system throughout both our offices and labs, with signs to state the maximum number of people allowed in each room at a time.

Adhering to social distancing when manoeuvring around the building, when seated at desks, and in the breakout area for staff to have their break safely. (3)

Remote working has been the biggest change, with staff who are able to work at home have been doing so. Equipment for home working staff has been provided, such as laptops and remote access to work systems.

We have also increased our online communication via teams, zoom and email to ensure that we all stay connected despite the distance, especially as the majority of employees remain on-site.

Information on COVID-19 has been shared amongst staff via email and through posters in the building. 


With the roadmap to come out of lockdown in place, Hart tries hard to keep the morale up whilst working to keep everyone as safe as possible until restrictions are relaxed further.

For more information on COVID-19 and how to keep safe, click here.