Coagulation – Mechanical HB-1123-FG Cuvettes and Balls for Thrombistat Instruments
HB-1119-FG Thrombi-Stat MC1 Macro Single Channel Coagulometer
HB-1162-FG Thrombi-Stat MC10 Macro 10 Channel Coagulometer
HB-1163-FG Thrombi-Stat MC10 Macro 10 Channel Coagulometer (with photometer)
HB-1121-FG Thrombi-Stat MC4 Macro 4 Channel Coagulometer
HB-1139-FG Thrombi-Stat MC4 Macro 4 Channel Coagulometer (with photometer)
Platelet Aggregation HB-5543-FG APACT 4004 Platelet Aggregometer
HB-5621-FG MEA Adaptor - x1 unit
Software HB-5542-FG LPC Software
Capillary Reagent HB-1133-FG Manchester Capillary Prothrombin Time Test Kit - 5 x 1.5ml
HB-1190-FG Manchester Capillary Prothrombin Time Test Kit - 5 x 3.0ml
HB-1101-FG Manchester Capillary Prothrombin Time Test Kit - 5 x 6.0ml
HB-4452-FG Poller Calibrants® PT/ INR Line Plasma Set
Enhanced INR testing HB-4952-FG Fiix™ Test Kit
Thrombi-stat MC Instruments HB-1158-FG 3-Volume Automatic Pipette (MC Instruments)
HB-1130-FG Ball Dispenser for Thrombistat Balls
HB-1186-FG Car 12v DC Cable (Power Supply MC1)
HB-1181-FG Case for MC1 and Battery Pack (CM120 345x292x120)
HB-1145-FG CD Backup of Raid Software
HB-1137-FG Coagulometer Tubes (12x52mm) - 1 x 500
HB-1155-FG Dust Cover for MC1
HB-1166-FG Dust Cover for MC10
HB-1159-FG Dust Cover for MC4
HB-1128-FG Hand Held Dispenser with Automatic Start Cable
HB-1182-FG Large Case for MC1 and Battery Pack (T2019)
HB-1183-FG MC1 (Macro) Cuvette Storage Rack
HB-1143-FG Null Modem Cable for MC Instruments
HB-1184-FG Power Supply for MC1
HB-1125-FG Printer for MC1, MC4 and MC10
HB-1142-FG RAID Software and License for MC Instruments
HB-1138-FG Reagent Tubes (14.5x80mm) - 1 x 300
HB-1168-FG Rechargeable Battery Pack for MC1 instruments
HB-1132-FG Sample Rack - MC4
HB-1136-FG Starter Kit -Macro, inc. Ball Dispenser
HB-1134-FG Thermal paper for Printer (Pack of 5)
HB-1144-FG USB Cable for MC1 Instruments
PAR-4 Consumables HB-5538-FG Micro Cuvettes
HB-5540-FG Printer
Manchester Capillary Reagent Spares & Consumables HB-1185-FG Actilance Lancets Special - YELLOW 200
HB-1107-FG ActiLance Lancets Universal - BLUE 200
HB-1140-FG Blue Pipette Tips - 1000ul - Bag of 1000
HB-1170-FG Haemolance Lancets High Flow - YELLOW - 200
HB-1141-FG Haemolance Lancets Max Flow - PURPLE - 150
HB-1169-FG Haemolance Lancets Normal Flow - GREEN - 200
HB-1127-FG Hand Held Dispenser
HB-1129-FG Hand Held Dispenser Tips - 1.25ml
HB-1112-FG Pipette 20-200ul
HB-1111-FG Pipette 5-50ul
HB-1114-FG Single Channel 100-1000ul Pipette
HB-1113-FG Single Channel Pipette - 25ul fixed
HB-1110-FG Thrombi-pette 125ul Volume
HB-1109-FG Thrombi-pette 25ul Volume
HB-1116-FG Yellow Pipette Tips - 200ul - Bag of 1000
HB-1172-FG Yellow Pipette Tips - 200ul - Tray of 96
ULTRASENSE Range HB-2201-FG Calcium Chloride 0.025M
HB-2214-FG Imidazole Buffer - 1 x 25ml
HB-2222-FG ULTRASENSE Fibrinogen Assay Kit
Factor Deficient Plasmas HB-3301-FG Factor II Deficient Plasma
HB-3306-FG Factor IX Deficient Plasma
HB-3302-FG Factor V Deficient Plasma
HB-3303-FG Factor VII Deficient Plasma
HB-3304-FG Factor VIII Deficient Plasma
HB-3305-FG Factor VIII Deficient Plasma with vWF
HB-3307-FG Factor X Deficient Plasma
HB-3308-FG Factor XI Deficient Plasma
HB-3309-FG Factor XII Deficient Plasma
Coagulation - Optical 112-99-130-00 COADATA 2004 Two Channel Coagulometer
104-99-100-00 COADATA 4004 Four Channel Coagulometer
105-99-150-00 COADATA 504 Single Channel Coagulometer
211-01-090-00 Micro-Cuvettes (Dispo System) with Integral Mixer - 5 x 100
Thrombus Formation Measurement 18001 T-TAS 01
Routine Control Plasmas HB-4416-FG Vericon 1 Control Plasma
HB-4417-FG Vericon 2 Control Plasma
HB-4418-FG Vericon 3 Control Plasma
Reference Plasma and Controls HB-4409-FG Abnormal Assay Control
HB-4408-FG Normal Assay Control
HB-4407-FG Normal Standard Plasma
Manchester Capillary Control Plasmas HB-4412-FG Capillary Precision Control Plasma - Level 1
HB-4413-FG Capillary Precision Control Plasma - Level 2
HB-4411-FG Capillary Precision Control Plasma - Normal
Speciality Control Plasmas HB-4441-FG APC-Con 1
HB-4442-FG APC-Con 2
HB-4427-FG LA-Con 1
HB-4428-FG LA-Con 2
Platelet Aggregation HB-5514-FG Acetylsalicylic Acid (30mg/ml) - 1 x 1.0ml
HB-5613-FG Acetylsalicylic Acid MEA Test - 3 x 1.0ml
HB-5501-FG ADP 0.2mM - 1 x 1.0ml
HB-5502-FG ADP 0.2mM - 2 x 1.0ml
HB-5616-FG ADP MEA Test - 3 x 1.0ml
HB-5513-FG Aggregation Reagent Set (Primary BJH Panel)
HB-5505-FG Arachidonic Acid 5mg/ml - 1 x 1.0ml
HB-5506-FG Arachidonic Acid 5mg/ml - 2 x 1.0ml
HB-5617-FG Arachidonic Acid MEA Test - 3 x 1.0ml
HB-5503-FG Collagen 100ug/ml - 1 x 1.0ml
HB-5504-FG Collagen 100ug/ml - 2 x 1.0ml
HB-5614-FG Collagen MEA Test - 3 x 1.0ml
HB-5510-FG Epinephrine 100uM - 1 x 1.0ml
HB-5511-FG Epinephrine 100uM - 2 x 1.0ml
HB-5537-FG Gp IIb-IIIa Antagonist - 1 x 0.5ml
HB-5545-FG Gp IIb-IIIa Antagonist - 2 x 0.5ml
HB-5515-FG Prostaglandin E1 300nM - 1 x 1.0ml
HB-5507-FG Ristocetin 10mg/ml - 1 x 1.0ml
HB-5508-FG Ristocetin 10mg/ml - 2 x 1.0ml
HB-5509-FG Ristocetin 15mg/ml - 1 x 1.0ml
HB-5615-FG Ristocetin MEA Test - 3 x 1.0ml
HB-5512-FG TRAP-6 1mM - 1 x 1.0ml
HB-5533-FG TRAP-6 1mM - 2 x 1.0ml
HB-5618-FG TRAP-6 MEA Test - 3 x 1.0ml
HB-5548-FG U-46619 100uM - 1 x 1.0ml
Ristocetin Co-Factor Assay HB-5520-FG Lyophilised Platelets - 5 x 6.0ml
HB-5516-FG Ristocetin Co-Factor Assay Kit
HB-5534-FG Tris Buffered Saline
Rapid Urease Test 60480 CLOtest
CloTest is Supplied in the UK only

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