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What happened when Hart Bio attended Medica

By Hart Bio | 9th December 2019
What happened when Hart Bio attended Medica  Image

Hart Biologicals attended the largest forum for medicine, Medica, on Wednesday November 20, in Düsseldorf, to discuss specialised haemostasis products and services with other companies in the industry. 

Jack Doyle, Key Account Manager at Hart Biologicals, attended the trade fair for the opportunity to meet with Hart’s existing network of distributors and clients, as well as develop more of the contract manufacturing and contract research portions of Hart’s business.  

Jack said: “Medica was great to identify new products and partners, speak with new companies and meet with current clients, as well as old friends.  

“It gave us an opportunity to chat about the current state of the general in-vitro diagnostics landscape, how we can work with other companies. These in-person meetings allow us to recognise their challenges and offer a solution with our bespoke contract services, namely contract manufacturing and research forcoagulation, haemostasis, and in-vitro diagnostics. 

“While we were there, we saw some innovative designs for portable versions of the coagulation analysers we know and love, including one powered by a mobile phone for use in military field situations. The sheer amount of innovation present at Medica, from all over the world, is incredible. 

“We had meetings with businesses such as Zacros, Beijing Succeeder and Fortress Diagnostics to discuss expansion, forming long-lasting partnerships, and how we can work together within their frameworks for regulatory affairs, quality systems, and specific needs.” 

Hart has continued to follow up with the connections made at Medica, elaborating on what was previously discussed and hoping to create new Hart success stories with these businesses in the future.  

Jack continued: “Medica allowed us to interact with these organisations in a way that would be virtually impossible to justify normally, so we used this to our advantage and used the time efficiently by prioritising meeting a wide variety of companies.  

“We know that attending Medica is all but guaranteed for us next year, too. It’s an unmissable opportunity for Hart.” 

If you missed the opportunity to connect with Hart Bio at Medica, please get in touch via email at admin@hartbio.co.uk