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Industrial Placements keys for growth

By Hart Bio | 16th October 2015
Industrial Placements key to growing Hart Biologicals Image

HART BIOLOGICALS has continued to strengthen its growing team by providing one-year placements for two university students.

Shelley James and Adam Holvey will work in the Research and Development laboratories aiding with crucial research for the medical device company.

Shelley, who is 31 and from Seaham, is in her final year of BioMedical sciences at Sunderland University, while 21-year old Adam is in his final year at Teesside University.

After a more unconventional route into the field having previously worked as a beauty therapist then putting her career on hold to start a family, Shelley decided to pursue her interests and will be working on research into Protein Purification at Hart Innovations.

She said: “A lot of placements offered to us at university are in the healthcare sector, working at hospitals and surgeries. I wanted to focus on the more industrial element of how medical processes and machinery is formed and improved.

“Its great getting the opportunity to put my last two years of university experience into practice, the team have really helped us to settle in and I cannot wait to begin working on projects of my own.”

Living in Hartlepool, Hart Biologicals was a familiar sight to Adam as he made his way to university each day.  After hearing about an opportunity through a university career’s day Adam applied for the position.


He said: “At the end of second year I knew I needed to go out there and get a placement for myself. I’m the only one in my year who has actually secured something and I’m confident that it will aid with my studies when I return to uni.

“There’s so much more to be done at Hart Biologicals, when you work on a project at university, at times you can be spoon-fed through different experiments, where the equipment is already set up and the research set out for you to complete.

“I’m really looking forward to working independently here and managing my own projects, setting up experiments and reviewing the results. I can’t wait to get started.”

Adam will be working with Hart Biologicals team on projects looking further into haemostasis research.

Alexander Ebinger, Head of Research and Development, said: “When I first began working with Hart Innovations, I assumed taking on placements was more of a benefit to students, but to be honest the students are a massive asset to us.

“The work they diligently carry out and the fresh approach they take to their roles really impresses us and I’m confident the two new students are going to do the same.”