HART Biologicals is delighted to announce an exclusive distribution partnership with leading German medical diagnostics supplier Haemochrom Diagnostica.

The contract allows Hart Biologicals to supply its platelet function and platelet aggregation reagent lines into several European countries including Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Austria.

The exclusivity agreement is expected to help the business significantly grow its market share in Europe in the coming years.

Alby Pattison, Managing Director of Hart Biologicals, said: “We have worked successfully with Haemochrom Diagnostica for several years but it was important to have a formal agreement in place with a business that knows and understands these territories so well.

“They have excellent existing relationships with their customers, so that simplifies the sales process for a smaller company such as ourselves. It means we now have access to an existing sales network within those countries, working alongside a company that already knows and understands our products.”

Hart Biologicals’ platelet function and platelet aggregation reagent lines are used during medical procedures to monitor anti-platelet drugs used in the treatment of cardio and vascular diseases and genetic disorders.

Hans-Peter Brockmann, General Manager of Haemochrom Diagnostica, which is based in Essen, added: “We are delighted to have agreed a formal exclusivity contract with Hart Biologicals as they are a manufacturer with an excellent reputation not just in Europe, but globally.

“The partnership will be beneficial to both of our businesses and I expect to see significant growth in market share as we work with our existing customers in hospitals across Europe.”