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Hart Biologicals Goes Virtual with GTH 2021

By Hart Biologicals | 12th February 2021
GTH 2021 Lausanne

As the world continues to move forward during the COVID 19 situation, Hart Biologicals is continuing to commit itself to stay at the forefront of all developments in the field of Thrombosis and Haemostasis research.  

The company will once again be represented at the 65th annual meeting of the Gesellschaft für Thrombose-und Hämostaseforschung (GTH) Congress, which for the first time in its history will be held completely online.  

This year’s event was scheduled to be held in Lausanne, Switzerland later this month and was due to welcome attendees from across Europe including Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Italy and more.

Hart Biologicals’ MD, Alexander Ebinger, said: “We are delighted to again be represented at this very influential meeting by one of our local business partners who will once again participate in the meeting.” 

Speaking of the event, Professor Lorenzo Alberto, Chief Doctor at Lausanne’s Vaudois University Hospital Centre and Congress President, said: “The 2021 GTH congress will focus on interdisciplinary aspects of haemostasis, opening the doors to colleagues from other medical fields, and opening the minds towards different points-of-view and ways of thinking about haemostasis. 

“We have a privileged profession! Daily, we meet human beings in quite vulnerable phases of their lives – this is our greatest responsibility. Doing research, we can create knowledge – this is our greatest challenge.”  

The GTH Congress itself is an interdisciplinary event aimed at professionals in the Anaesthesiology, Angiology, Cardiology, Gynaecology/Obstetrics, Haemato-oncology, Hepatology/Gastroenterology, Laboratory Medicine, Neurology, Paediatrics and Transfusion Medicine fields.  

The programme at this year’s event includes workshops, masterclasses and symposiums from experts across all fields of Thrombosis and Hemostasis Research.  

Alexander added: “As a developer and provider of niche products designed for use in the thrombosis and haemostasis market, we are always interested in the emerging science presented at the meeting. We hope the move to an online platform for this year’s meeting will not detract from the quality of the meeting in any way. We wish the organisers “Viel Glück.” 

Regular attendees of the event are Hart Biologicals’ German-based distributor, Haemochrom Diagnostica, which focus on the DACH regions of Austria, Germany and Switzerland.  

The GTH Congress 2021 will be held virtually from Monday 22 Feb to Friday 26 Feb. For more information can be found on the GTH Congress 2021 website.