Hart Biologicals has a long history of working in the field of haemostasis and coagulation. We can supply exactly what our clients need thanks to our skilled team and specialised equipment. Our solution-oriented research and development team will collaborate with you to describe your problem, discover a solution, identify your specific project requirements, and guarantee that all relevant registrations are in place to enable our partners' products to reach the market faster.

At Hart Biologicals we're coagulation, reagent and contract manufacturing experts and we can help prototype your design or concept to reach its full potential. We have extensive industry experience and an expert team that will meet all of your products needs.

We offer comprehensive and robust development and prototyping services for medical devices to reduce risk and shorten your time to market. We work with both small and large-scale batch sizes and use our extensive product knowledge and our scientific background to increase efficiency by trying to reduce as much waste as possible during the production process of the prototypes.

We take exceptionally great care during the development process and when creating product prototypes, to ensure that a high-fidelity prototype is created to suit our customers product needs and specifications.

We always work to ensure that the final product prototype is of the highest possible quality as well as ensuring that the design transfer process is correctly translated into production specifications. We work through system integration to provide support, capture customer requirements, implement it, and then validate the process. The controlled processes maximise shelf-life and minimise extraneous inclusions in the product.

To ensure the best product quality and increase transparency our R&D findings are shared with clients in regular meetings and calls to keep you up to date on the prototype progress and product development.

We provide bespoke research-use only prototype products available for testing, so we can get instant verification and validation to ensure that we are satisfying our customers’ needs with the final product prototype, saving both time and money.

At Hart Biologicals we make it our top priority to ensure that all of our products are of the highest quality and that all of our products are compliant to all relevant regulations. Partnering with Hart Biologicals means that you will not only be receiving high-quality products, but also expert support from our team, who are always available to provide ongoing expert advice and support.