Fiix™ Test Kit
Assay Enhanced INR testing Product No. HB-4952-FG
Fiix™ Test Kit
Product Description

The Hart Biologicals Fiix™ Test Kit* is a modified Thromboplastin reagent for use in the in vitro control of patient anticoagulant therapy by venous blood Fiix™ Prothrombin times. The Fiix™ Test Kit is sensitive to the concentration of the clotting Factors II and X in the test sample. Factor VII is added to the system. Mixing whole blood sample/plasma sample with The Fiix™ Test Kit, results in the formation of a clot. The time taken for the clot to form is measured and used to determine the anticoagulant status of the patient. Each lot of The Fiix™ Test Kit is calibrated for Mean Normal Prothrombin Time (MNPT) and International Sensitivity Index (ISI). These values are used to determine the International Normalised Ratio (INR) of a patient derived from patient Prothrombin Time (PT) in seconds.

Fiix™ Test Kit contains the following:

5 x 1 mL lyophilised Fiix plasma reagent, 5 x 3.5 mL PT reagent and 5 x 3.5 mL Imidazole buffer