Warfarin Management

Warfarin graph

Hart Biologicals offer a cost effective solution to the therapeutic monitoring of Warfarin, the anticoagulant drug (also known under the brand names Coumadin, Jantoven, Marevan, Lawarin, Waren and Warfant). Current trends have brought about the development of hand held monitors that are able to determine the patients warfarin dosage (INR value) using finger prick blood. However, the devices are expensive and the strips that measure the patients sample can cost between £2-3 per test. 

An example of the costs involved in a clinic setting between Hart Biologicals INR monitoring system and the leading competitor of a hand held device is shown below. 

The difference between devices is that Hart uses a wet chemistry method rather than a freeze dried strip and because of this, the cost of a test when using Manchester capillary reagent costs around just £0.10 per test.  Over the period of a year, Manchester capillary reagent becomes much more cost effective.  Manchester Capillary reagent still uses finger prick blood and can be used by nurses in a residential setting. 

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