T-TAS 01
Assay Thrombus Formation Measurement Product No. 18001
T-TAS 01
Product Description

The T-TAS 01 (Total Thrombus-formation Analysis System in vitro diagnostic device)* is comprised of a tabletop instrument controlled by a dedicated PC and uses a disposable, single-use flow chamber microchip. The T-TAS 01 system uses the same measurement principle as the T-TAS Plus system developed for research purposes and previously demonstrated to be useful for the assessment of primary hemostatic ability1-12. The PL Chip for T-TAS 01 is designed to specifically measure platelet thrombus formation (PTF) on a collagen-coated analytical path consisting of 26 microcapillary channels. Platelet thrombus formation is a direct indicator of the patient's primary hemostatic ability. The assay is performed under arterial flow conditions using benzylsulfonyl-D-Arg-Pro-4-amidinobenzylamide (BAPA)-anticoagulated whole blood samples. BAPA is an anticoagulant that inhibits thrombin and factor Xa, which blocks the coagulation cascade and allows the PL assay to specifically measure only platelet thrombus formation (primary hemostasis). During the assay, the blood sample is exposed to arterial shear stresses in the presence of a collagen-coated surface, which causes platelet attachment to collagen mediated by von Willebrand factor (vWF), and platelet activation. Platelet activation causes the release of endogenous factors that recruit and activate other platelets and cause aggregation, or platelet thrombus formation and growth. Platelet thrombus formation causes occlusion of the microcapillary channels, which increases the flow pressure within the assay chip. The process of platelet thrombus formation in the flow chamber is continuously monitored by a pressure sensor that tracks pressure changes in the flow path. Results are calculated automatically within 10 minutes or when the pressure a reading reaches 60 kPa above the baseline pressure, whichever occurs first. Results are displayed as AUC10, which is the area under the flow pressure curve over 10 minutes.




T-TAS 01 Total Thrombus Formation Analysis System Instrument


PL Chip for T-TAS 01, 20 Chips


PL Chip Reservoir Set for T-TAS 01, 100 sets


BAPA Tube for T-TAS 01, 50 tubes


NB. T-TAS 01 is available from Hart Biologicals Ltd in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland only

* T-TAS is a registered trademark of Fujimori Kogyo Co.Ltd.