Ristocetin CoFactor Assay Kit
Assay Ristocetin Co-Factor Assay Product No. HB-5516-FG
Ristocetin CoFactor Assay Kit
Product Description


The Hart Biologicals Ristocetin co-factor assay kit is intended for the quantification of von Willebrand factor activity through the reflective assay of Ristocetin cofactor activity.

The kit measures the ability pf patient plasma to agglutinate formalin-fixed platelets in the presence of ristocetin.


Hart Biologicals Ristocetin co-factor assay kit is supplied as:

·         4 x 5ml lyophilised formalin-fixed human platelets

·         2 x 1ml 10mg/ml Ristocetin lyophilised

·         2 x 1.0ml Reference standard derived from normal human plasma - lyophilised

·         2 x 0.5ml Abnormal control derived from human plasma

·         2 x 25ml Tris-buffered saline with preservatives and stabilisers