Epinephrine 100uM - 2 x 1.0ml
Assay Platelet Aggregation Product No. HB-5511-FG
Epinephrine 100uM - 2 x 1.0ml
Product Description


Hart Biologicals Epinephrine Reagent is used to diagnose platelet dysfunction, or normal platelet activity in human platelet rich plasma or whole blood.

The platelet aggregation test measures the rate and degree to which dispersed platelets in a sample of platelet rich plasma (PRP) or anti-coagulated whole blood forms clumps (aggregates) after the addition of a substance that normally stimulates platelet aggregation (agonist). 

Epinephrine can stimulate fibrinogen binding and platelet aggregation without causing platelet secretion, however as is the case with other so called 'weak' agonists, platelet secretion in response to Epinephrine takes place only after initial aggregation.

Hart Biologicals Epinephrine Reagent is supplied as the following:

             ·       2 x 1.0ml 100uM Epinephrine

Each vial requires reconstitution with 1.0ml distilled water.

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