Thrombi-Stat MC10 Macro 10 Channel Coagulometer
Assay Coagulation – Mechanical Product No. HB-1162-FG
Thrombi-Stat MC10 Macro 10 Channel Coagulometer
Product Description


The MC10 is a semi-automated 10-channel coagulometer for high sample throughput with mechanical and (optional) optical recording. 


The measurement is started with the HandyStep ® automatic pipette. For the test samples, two rows of preparation and an incubation channel is available. The type of samples (turbidity) that is used is irrelevant to the analyser method, since only the fibrin is used as an indicator. In conjunction with appropriate reagents, both plasma and whole blood samples are measured. (For special tests, the temperature can be continuously adjusted from 30 ° C to 42 ° C set via the service menu).The storage of calibration curves and patient data is also available.