Factor VIII Deficient Plasma
Assay Factor Deficient Plasmas Product No. HB-3304-FG
Factor VIII Deficient Plasma
Product Description

Hart Biologicals Factor VIII deficient plasmas are human source plasma immunodepleted of that particular coagulation factor while having the other clotting factors within normal limits. Factor VIII Deficient Plasma along with the other Intrinsic Pathway Factor Deficient Plasmas are recommended for use as a deficient substrate in clot based factor assays using the Activated Partial Thrombolplastin Time (aPTT).        

Factor VIII or otherwise known as anti-haemophilic factor is a co-factor of factor IXa which in the presence of Ca2 and phospholipids form a complex that converts Factor X to Factor Xa.

 Factor VIII Deficient Plasmas are supplied in the following pack sizes:

         ·         5 x 1.0ml Factor VIII Deficient Plasma