Dimer-Con 2
Assay Speciality Control Plasmas Product No. HB-4426-FG
Dimer-Con 2
Product Description


D-Dimers are specific degradation products of cross- linked fibrin that are released when the endogenous fibrinolytic system attacks the fibrin matrix of fresh venous thromboenboli. Dimer-Con 2 may be used as an abnormal control when measuring fibrinogen D-Dimer by immunological test methods. Dimer-Con 2 is prepared from the plasma of a patient with chronic DIC with a natural high concentration of D-Dimer. The control plasma should be used to gauge internal factors in each laboratory's system.

Dimer-Con 2 is supplied in the following kit sizes:

·         10 x 0.5ml Dimer-Con 2