APC-Con 1
Assay Speciality Control Plasmas Product No. HB-4441-FG
APC-Con 1
Product Description


Activated Protein C resistance (APC-R) is measured using a number of tests, such as the modified aPTT, russells viper venom (RVV) time, prothrombin time and factor Xa based assays.

APC-Con 1 may be used as a normal (wild type) control when using the tests for investigation or APC-R. APC-Con 1 is prepared from plasma from individuals who are negative (wild type) for the APC-R mutation. The control plasma should be used to gauge internal factors in each laboratory's system.

APC-Con 1 is supplied in the following kit sizes:

·         10 x 0.5ml APC-Con 1