Poller Calibrants® PT/ INR Line Plasma Set
Assay Capillary Reagent Product No. HB-4452-FG
Poller Calibrants® PT/ INR Line Plasma Set
Product Description

Cat HB-4415-FG INR Correction Kit has now been discontinued. This product was designed for use with our Manchester Capillary Reagent and carried only a calibration for whole blood purposes. It has been replaced by HB-4452-FG.

Cat HB-4452-FG formally known as ECAA PT/INR Line Plasma Set has now been reformatted as the PT/INR Line kit and will carry the following calibrations for use for INR correction purposes:

  • Plasma (rabbit brain)
  • Plasma (recombinant)
  • Whole blood (capillary and venous)

By bringing together both products into a single format we can now offer a product which can be considered for use as a ‘universal’ PT/INR calibration solution. This refined approach better addresses the needs of the modern-day laboratory involved in the generation INR data for clinical use with patients.

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