ALEXANDER Ebinger was delighted to be asked to take part in a panel debate at the recent Venturefest event in Newcastle.

He took part in the event, which was held at St James’s Park, by giving his views on Intellectual Property issues with around 700 delegates in attendance.

Alexander said: “It was fantastic to be invited to take part, and while there weren’t many biotech organisations taking part, it was interesting to hear the views from lots of different sectors.

“I’d given a talk on innovation at a Sunderland business event about six months ago, and someone there had recommended me to get involved with Venturefest.

“The businesses who were there were mainly focused on engineering, software or IP law, but there were also representatives from all of the North East universities.

“I was on a panel with an IP lawyer, a patent investigator and the MD of Animmersion, a company specialising on animations and virtual reality.

“We all had to introduce ourselves for a couple of minutes, then Alex Shiel, who led the panel, had some questions for all of us on whether IP is worth protecting, and then he opened the discussion up to the floor and we got some really good questions from the audience. It was really good to be involved.”

Alexander picked up plenty of potential new contacts in the networking part of the event, and is particularly excited about a project a professor from Newcastle university spoke to him about.

He added: “It was a bit like a knowledge exchange, and there could be an interesting link-up with Newcastle Uni who are looking into a quantifiable approach to innovation.

“We will see what comes of it, but all in all it was an excellent event and I picked up a lot from it.”