Hart Biologicals recently showcased an innovative product at the UK NEQAS for Blood Coagulation Clinical and Laboratory Haemostasis meeting at Sheffield Hallam University. 

In the coagulation market, about 70% of the routine laboratory tests being performed are PT INR tests and a lot of those are performed for Warfarin monitoring to ensure patients are correctly dosed. 

Warfarin is well-known to have some difficulties determining a diagnosis when it comes to the genetics of a patient and the effect common lifestyle influences have, such as diet and exercise. 

That’s where Hart Biologicals’ new product comes in. The Fiix Test

Alexander Ebinger, Head of Research and Development said: “The Fiix Test is a safer way of adjusting patients on Warfarin and keeping them stable. The test takes away a lot of the guess work doctors need to do when undertaking a standard PT INR Test. 

“The test itself has been developed by Icelandic company Fiix Diagnostics Ltd who has come to us here at Hart for our expertise in marketing products of this kind across the UK and overseas. 

“When we last spoke about the Fiix Test we were in late phase development of the product. 

“Since then Fiix has been working with a hospital in Iceland which is using the test in a clinical practice environment. We’ve been working to commercialise it at our end and have begun our internal validation process to ensure the product is ready for the market.”

In the lead up to the release of the product, the company showcased a promotional kit which contained the correct formulation and composition of a standard kit at this year’s UK NEQAS meeting. 

Paul Bates, Sales Manager at Hart Biologicals attended the UK NEQAS meeting on June 6. He said: ”Following exposure of the Fiix Test at the annual meeting of UK NEQAS, a leading hospital in Cambridge has agreed to trial the product. 

“Feedback we received from the hospital after preliminary trial work stated that they believed the product was a solid assay and that they were looking forward to forming an in-depth evaluation of the product. 

“Further to this they believed that the Fiix Test could play an important part in a number of research projects they were currently working on.” 

Hart Biologicals expects the Fiix Test to be available on the market in Q3 of 2019. For more information on the test, you can read our previous story here. Or to contact Paul for more details please call 01429 271100 or email Paul.Bates@hartbio.co.uk.