The new range of MEA platelet aggregation reagents is complete and now available as fully compliant IVD products.

The range is designed for use to perform platelet aggregation studies using whole blood as the sample and electrical impedance aggregometry (EIA) on Multiple Electrode Aggregometry (MEA) systems. 

MEA is designed to assess platelet function and can be used to diagnose platelet disorders, including Glanzmann Thrombasthenia and can also predict the potential bleeding risk and transfusion requirements in cardiac surgery.

The recently developed range by Hart Biologicals includes; 

Aspirin MEA Test 3 x 1ml (HB-5613-FG),

Collagen MEA Test 3 x 1ml (HB-5614-FG)

Ristocetin MEA Test 3x1ml (HB-5615-FG)

ADP MEA Test 3x1ml (HB-5616-FG)

TRAP-6 MEA Test 3x1ml (HB-5618-FG).

Arachidonic Acid MEA Test 3x1ml (HB-5617-FG)


Also available is a custom MEA adaptor vial holder for use with the company’s reagents on MEA systems. The novel reagent adaptor has been designed to hold the MEA reagent vials on the front of the unit making it easy to handle the products on the system when making working dilutions. 

HB-5621-FG        MEA Adaptor (vial holder/rack for Hart reagents)             x1 Each

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