The team at Hart Biologicals recently came together to congratulate former Managing Director Alby Pattison on a long and successful career. 

After 39-years of work in the field of Blood Sciences and Haemostasis, Alby, who founded Hart Biologicals in 2003 after purchasing the rights to Manchester Capillary Reagent from the Thrombosis Reference Centre at Withington Hospital, is retiring. 

The former MD has sold the company to a consortium of investors after 16 years at the helm and will remain in close contact, as a consultant to its new owners. 

When asked about what life has in store for the retiree, Alby said: “It’s a very strange situation not to come into the office each day, but I’ve been so busy.

“My plan going forward is to spend a bit more time at our holiday home in Crete, but I will be back with Hart Biologicals periodically giving my assistance on some of the great forthcoming projects the company has planned.  

“Other than that, I think I’ll be doing the odd job around the house.”

Past and present members of the Hart Biologicals team gathered together on Friday 1 November to celebrate Alby’s retirement with food and refreshments.

Alexander Ebinger, who has worked alongside Alby for the past six years and takes over the mantel of Managing Director, said: “I’d like to thank Alby for building an amazing company in Hart Biologicals and I’m honoured to lead it into the future. 

“I’m very happy that he has decided to continue to be involved with future research and development projects and I’m really eager to see those come to fruition in the next couple of years.” 

Under Alby’s leadership Hart Biologicals has seen expansion into multiple international markets, has built an extensive network of distributors across Europe, South America and Asia; and has built its product base to include products such as the Thrombi-Stat MC1and Fiix Test Kit

Alby continued: “I’m delighted to hand over Hart Biologicals to Alex and the new management team as I know they are the right group to take it to the next level. 

"Thanks to everyone at Hart Bio. A company is all about the people that work within it. It’s not just about the individual. I wish everyone here great luck and success for the future, and I am sure under new leadership Hart Biologicals will continue to succeed.”