HART BIOLOGICALS welcomed Dr Pall Onundarson, M.D., and Brynja Gudmundsdottir, M.S. from Iceland to give a groundbreaking talk on their latest research.

The respected renowned scientist Dr Onundarson had been giving a lecture in Windermere and decided to visit Hart Biologicals headquarters to give insight into his latest research.

Both scientists were from the Department of Laboratory Haematology and Coagulation Disorders, Division of Diagnostic Medicine at the Landspitali University Hospital.

The event was attended by over 20 staff members and allowed an insight into the doctor’s highly-specialised anticoagulation research.

Dr Onundarson said: “Brynja first heard of Hart Biologicals at a medical exhibition in the USA, and learnt about its supply of reagents to a company we were acquainted with.”

“We supply around 50% of Iceland’s anti-coagulant medication, so the company’s work and its impressive growth is very interesting to us. We were delighted to have the opportunity to share our latest research with the team and to meet the personnel. We were fascinated by the facility and in particular the technology of Hart Biologicals.”

“Hart Biologicals is an impressive find for us, and we hope to work together in the future.”

The guests were given a tour of Hart Biologicals’ facilities, including its Research and Development laboratories that were purpose-built inside the company’s new premises earlier this year.

Alby Pattison, Managing Director of Hart Biologicals, said: “This was a brilliant opportunity for our staff to hear about Dr Onundarson’s latest findings.”

“We would all like to thank him for his visit and hope he returns again soon.”