A rebooted Hart Biologicals website has improved the online experience for its users.


UK based medical diagnostic manufacturer Hart Biologicals has made further changes to its website and product range as part of an ongoing development programme. 


The changes have been made to improve the accessibility of the site, to enhance the user experience and to improve customer services. 


Richard Chapman, Technical Supervisor, said: “Following changes we made to the packaging of the PT/INR Line Kitin the beginning of 2019, which included the removal of the calibration information, we have modified the Hart Biologicals website to reflect this.  

“The alterations to the site are now live and we’d like to make people aware of the changes that have been made. 


“The main thing we’ve improved on the website is the removal of the previous calibration request page and its replacement with a new page detailing information on how customers can undertake their own calibrations. 


“The new page on the website now includes a downloadable PDF documentwith detailed information on how to conduct a calibration as well as a video taking customers through the process on a step by step basis.” 

Discussing the further changes to the Hart Biologicals site, Richard said: “We’ve also refreshed the news section of the website and included filters to categorise all of the news stories intro three specific segments including ‘Products’, ‘Activities and Events’ and an ‘About Us’ section.”

The changes are designed to provide a streamlined approach in helping users of the Hart Biologicals website to find the information that is most relevant to them. 

Richard added: “So, if a user was to click through to the product news stream, they would find information about existing and upcoming product ranges and any changes to our current range including the most recent Fiix testPT/INR line kitand the MEA adapter.”


To view the new calibration video from Hart Biologicals, click ‘play’ below: 


For more information about products from Hart Biologicals, download our product catalogue here.