As part of Hart Biologicals continuing work to stay ahead of the curve in haemostasis, members of the team regularly attend conferences and meetings with some of the biggest names from around the globe. 

Sales Manager, Paul Bates and Managing Director, Alby Pattison, recently attended and exhibited at the UK NEQAS Blood Coagulation Clinical Laboratory Haemostasis Annual Scientific Meeting, held at Sheffield Hallam University on 13-14 June. 

Attended by nearly 400 delegates and supported by 18 industry sponsors the Annual Scientific meeting is a coming together of many of the laboratory staff and scientific experts involved in the field of blood coagulation and haemostasis.

The two-day event consisted of six sessions and 21 presentations covering interesting topics such as new therapies in Haemophilia, the use of the next generation genetic sequencing in the diagnosis of thrombotic disorders and the latest developments in anticoagulation therapy using the new direct oral anticoagulant (DOAC) drugs.

Paul said: “Attending events such as this helps Hart Biologicals to gain exposure and to rub shoulders with professionals within the industry and to stay well-informed and up to date with what the latest developments are within Haemostasis.

“During the event, a debate entitled “It’s better up North” gave the audience a chance to participate in the merits and challenges of healthcare services up and down the country followed by a drinks reception hosted by the organisers.

“On the Hart Biologicals stand we displayed the Thrombistat MC1 Mechanical Coagulometer which while used extensively in the management of anticoagulation management in primary care, is finding further new applications as a solution back-up to laboratory mainline analysers which through their design can sometimes struggle to measure certain types of samples. 

“Information was also presented about the complete range of products available from Hart Biologicals and in particular our reformatted PT/INR line kit which is used to calibrate machines and equipment being used clinically to control the management of patients undergoing anticoagulation therapy.”

Hart Biologicals will also be attending the upcoming International Society of Thrombosis and Haemostasis Scientific and Standardisation Committee (ISTH SSC) in Dublin on July 18.

Similar to the NEQAS meeting, the ISTH SSC brings together some of the world’s leading experts in haemostasis and coagulation including Bayer AG, Roche Diagnostics and Siemens. The SSC is itself made up of 20 subcommittees, that focuses on subjects from the control of anticoagulation, to platelet physiology and von Willebrand factor. 

Paul concluded:” This isn’t the first time we’ve attended an ISTH event. Our Head of Research and Development Alexander and his colleague Christian attended the ISTH Congress last July in Berlin and this year Alby will be heading over to Dublin for the event.

“By attending the annual international events such as these, it allows Hart Biologicals to find out the industry's latest developments and mingle with the biggest names in thrombosis and haemostasis.”

For more information on the UK NEQAS Blood Coagulation Clinical Laboratory Haemostasis Annual Scientific Meeting click here. To learn more about the upcoming ISTH SSC click here