In its mission to further help graduates and students from across the region find their first foot on the career ladder, Hart Biologicals has welcomed four work experience students on their yearlong placements. 

Harlan Watson, Chloe Milburn, Sophie Smith and Kaitlyn Cross have joined Hart Biologicals and its sister company Hart Innovations as part of their studies. 

Harlan, who is studying Business Management at Northumbria University, has joined the team in its QA and Regulatory Affairs department. 

He said: “I’ll be primarily working with technical documents and helping Hart Biologicals to adopt new systems as they come in.

“I’m looking forward to getting a taste of this type of business. I have worked in a lot of industries so far including bars, retail, kitchens and other offices but never anything with a laboratory.”  

Kaitlyn Cross, who studies Biomedical Science at Sunderland University, has joined the Hart Innovations team as part of its Research and Development team. 

She said: “My placement actually came about from my university who were contacted by Hart Bio. 

“This placement stood out for me as I was really interested in the whole blood science module at university and I was actively searching for experience in this field. 

“Working with Hart Innovations, I’ll have the great opportunity to work on my own project focusing on the new DOAC (Direct Oral Anticoagulation) drugs.” 

“I’d love to work in industry and have been looking at a Master’s program that would allow me to work in this field. 

Sophie and Chloe have joined Hart Biologicals from Teesside University after studying Human Biology with Professional Experience, meaning they are assigned a sandwich placement whilst studying. 

Sophie has joined Hart Biologicals as a member of Quality Control whereas Chloe has joined Hart Innovations as a member of the Research and Development team.  

Sophie said: “I’m really enjoying my placement here.  

“It has been so beneficial already so far and it is an invaluable opportunity for me to to work in a professional industry and to have this kind of experience which will set us all ahead of the other students studying at university. 

“I’m incredibly grateful to have been given this responsibility within the Quality Team.” 

Chloe said: “I chose this field because I’ve always found blood research fascinating due to personal reasons within my family. It made me want to study haemostasis from an early age. 

“Hart Bio really jumped out at me due to it being a local business. I didn’t want to work for an institution like the NHS simply because of how big it is. 

“Everyone here knows each other so well and can help you in any way shape or form. It’s just very welcoming family-like workplace. 

“It’s been a great learning environment as we have the independence to follow through with our own work which is fantastic.” 

Hart Biologicals has offered placements to students from universities around the region in an effort to continue helping students in the region earn that valuable experience that university can’t offer. 

Kaitlyn added: “Working with Hart Biologicals has been eye opening. Even after the short time of being here it’s been a big adjustment. The learning opportunities awarded to all of us has been brilliant. 

“At university, a practical would be set up for you and you would usually work as part of a pair. 

“Here, they give you the freedom to do your own projects and you can rely on the direction of your supervisor should you need it.

“I’m really looking forward to what this year has on offer and we all thank Alby and the team for the opportunity.”