As the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19 makes a significant impact on the lives of everyone in the UK, Europe and in many parts of the world, Hart Biologicals is stepping up its efforts to ensure all customer needs and expectations are being met. 

Sales Manager, Paul Bates, said: “Despite what has been a very difficult time for many people because of what has been going on around us, it has been pretty much a normal week for the company in terms of the supply of products to our customers. 

“We have been able to make all deliveries to customers this week on schedule and fortunately there has so far been no disruption to shipping routes.”  
The company is ensuring that materials arriving and leaving its facility are ‘fit to do so’ to ensure there is no disruption to the supply of its products and services to its customers?. 

Paul went on to say: “We have had to make some adjustments to cater for the impact from the announcements made by the UK Government to deal with the problem, but we are confident that our plans will ensure minimised disruption to our customers” 

Throughout this pandemic, Hart Biologicals will continue its policy of vigilance to keep both customers and employees as safe as possible. The company will continue to update as further developments are made and the situation progresses.  

A previous statement from Hart Biologicals can be found here and further information from the UK Government can be found here.