Experts from a top medical appliance company are taking to the road to unveil a brand-new product at two major exhibitions. 

Attending both the Medica conference in Düsseldorfand the American Society of Haemostasis (ASH) in San Diego, Hart Biologicals will unveil the Fiix test which has been developed by Icelandic partners Fiix Diagnostics. 

Paul Bates, Sales Manager for Hart Biologicals, said: “We’ll be attending Medica, which is basically a trade fair that features everything across the full spectrum of medical care - from ambulances to helicopters and test tubes to bottles of water. 

“ASH is more of a scientific meeting relating to the subject of haematology, coagulation and haemostasis. 

“As this meeting goes on there is a series of lectures and presentations from a variety of scientific topics alongside the trade fair.” 

ASH is now in its 60thyear and takes place on December 4-5. It will feature presentations of the latest research in the field of haemostasis.  

Paul continued: “At ASH our Head of Research and Development, Alexander Ebinger, will be attending along with two of our collaborators, Pall and Brynja, from Fiix Diagnostics. 

“Fiix Diagnostics has produced the Fiix Test and has patented the design. They have come to us to help manufacture and market the product and we are doing so at both Medica and ASH.”

Jack Doyle, Research Scientist at Hart Biologicals’ sister company Hart Innovations, said: “With the Fiix test, we can control more of the variables affected by lifestyle, compared to a normal INR test cycle.”

“In theory, Fiix is a more stable test improving the experience for patients and ultimately means that fewer alterations to patient dosage (and fewer physician visits) are needed.” 

Both Medica and ASH are an opportunity for Hart Biologicals to display this new product and to also arrange meetings with commercial partners to build on the already established relationships Hart Biologicals has with them. 

At Medica, which takes place between November 12-15, Hart Biologicals will be exhibiting in the UK pavilion at booth C01-3 and booth number 3042 at ASH.  

The Fiix test will be unveiled next month (November) at Medica when Hart Bio will be taking an in-depth look at the product. 

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