Hart Biologicals is proud to support the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) 14th annual World Blood Donor Day. 

The awareness day that takes place on June 14, will commemorate the birthday of Karl Landsteiner, known as the biologist to first identify differences in blood groups in


In the UK the NHS collects over 1.7 million units of blood every year with a minimum of 6,000 blood donations needed every day to treat patients.

Alby Pattison, Managing Director of Hart Biologicals, said: “Donating blood is an incredibly important act.

“Worldwide, around 92 million people donate blood each year – that’s only a fraction of those eligible to donate. We are really looking forward to taking part in the campaign and raising the awareness of the importance of blood donations.

“Our company research relies heavily on blood donations and is only made possible by donations from employees of local businesses throughout Hartlepool.

“Our life-saving products are used to monitor therapies like Warfarin, the current widest used anticoagulant across the UK. 

“We could not possibly continue our innovation and research without the voluntary blood contributions, as the healthcare field is ever-changing, the donation of blood assists us in the ability to supply our products across the NHS, private clinics and surgeries.”

The slogan for this year’s World Blood Donor day is ‘Be there for someone else. Give blood. Share life.’ Along with this slogan the theme of the awareness day is ‘blood donation as an action of solidarity’ – to draw on fundamental human values such as empathy and kindness.

Blood products help to save millions of lives each year, so a blood service that gives patients access to these products in sufficient quantity is key to an effective health system.

Alby concluded: “Blood is a precious resource. For this reason, it is important to raise awareness with the campaign across the world and to celebrate those currently donating whilst encouraging others to start. “

To find out more about World Blood Donor Day 2018, click here. Or to find out if you’re eligible to donate click here.