Hart Biologicals is getting ready to present at this year’s UK NEQAS at Sheffield Hallam Universityand will be bringing along one of its latest products, the T-TAS 01. 

T-TAS (Total Thrombus formation Analysis System) is a platelet aggregation test device that uses an automated microchip flow chamber system.

Alexander Ebinger, Head of Research and Development for Hart Biologicals’ sister company, Hart Innovations, said: “This system ensures the quantitative analysis of the thrombus formation process under fairly natural blood flow conditions.

“It reproduces the inner body’s blood clotting process and conditions very closely in an outer body system using the same substances that stimulate clot formation under physiological conditions.

“This is primarily Collagen exposure at the wound site and shear force due to blood flow which is a well-recognised key factor that influences the thrombus formation process. 

“Under arterial flow conditions, white thrombi comprising of activated platelets and fibrin fibres are formed, whereas red thrombi form in the venous circulation predominantly consist of fibrin and red blood cells.

“The composition of thrombi affects the efficacy of antithrombotic agents like Aspirin or Clopidogrel which are used in Dual-Antiplatelet-Therapy (DAPT) to reduce the risk of thrombosis. 

“This can be seen when measured under arterial and venous flow conditions. 

“Using T-TAS, the thrombus formation process and effects of antithrombotic agents can be easily quantified and analysed under shear stresses that simulate arterial or venous blood flow conditions.

“We believe that the measurement of thrombus formation under flow conditions using T-TAS will more directly reflect the potential for thrombotic and bleeding events. 

“Thus, the application of T-TAS will aid in the optimisation of therapeutic strategies in the clinical setting.

“The ease of use of the technique is certainly an innovation. 

“It is a semi-automated system that uses a single-use microchip produced by a precision injection moulding technique that requires only a small-volume whole blood sample (approx. 320 micro litre).”

The innovative device is the first of its kind and was developed by Zacros Ltdwhich is a subsidiary of Fujimori Kogyo in Japan. 

The Japanese company approached Hart Biologicals for its expertise in the haemostasis field and for help in distributing the T-TAS in the United Kingdom.

Hart Biologicals will be officially unveiling the T-TAS to the UK market at the upcoming UK NEQAS for Blood Coagulation Clinical and Laboratory Haemostasis meeting at Sheffield Hallam University on 5th– 6thJune. 

You can find more information on the T-TAS on our product page here