THE Hart Biologicals team has been putting its best foot forward and taking part in Put your Feet to Work Week.

The Living Streets initiative, which was designed to get workers walking, held a competition recently with Hart Biologicals staff to record their walking with pedometers or in minutes.

The challenge, however, wasn’t for who could do the most, but who could do extra in their daily lives.

Liz Sullivan, who headed up the project and is aiding the company with working towards its Better Health at Work Award, was delighted at the participation within the company.

She said: “It was great to team up with Living Streets and complete this challenge.  All walking counted so even if it was just an extra 10 minutes walking to the shops instead of driving, everything was noted.”

“Our winner was Sandra Hull, who walked to the gym instead of driving and added it to her pledge card. She received £50 in Love to Shop Vouchers.”

The scheme provided another challenge to get staff engaged and exercising.

Sandra said: “It was something I could really do all the time but this initiative pushed me to walk there and then do extra while I was there. The voucher reward was great and I’m already looking forward to taking part in the next challenge.”