As part of Hart Biologicals’ expansion of its range of platelet aggregation reagents, the specialist medical machinery manufacturer is also introducing its own custom-branded multiple electrode aggregometry (MEA) adapter to the market.

The Hart Biologicals MEA adapter is specially designed to hold Hart Bio reagent vials and will universally fit on all MEA platelet aggrometers.

Richard Chapman, Technical Supervisor at Hart Biologicals who has overseen the design and development of the MEA adapter, said: “Over a period of time we have been producing reagents for a popular device from a company that has now decided to stop reagent support. This means that third party companies can now market their own brand of reagents.

“As we already have a range of reagents that extends far beyond those that the current apparatus would use, we have decided to expand our offering. Meaning we can provide support for a greater range of clinical uses in the market using the same technologies available.

“The introduction of the new MEA adapter allows for our range of reagents to be used with existing technology. This was necessary as at Hart Biologicals we have a standard vial size for reagents which is too large for traditional adapters. 

“As a smaller company in the market we strive to meet the needs of our customers and we fully believe that we offer a more cost-effective option to other competitors when it comes to reagents.

“There are also plans in place now to expand our range further to advance our support of medical professionals around the world.”

Hart Biologicals will be taking its new MEA adapter out into the field and will be showcasing this and its extended range of platelet reagents at multiple trade shows in the fourth quarter of 2018, including Medica in Dusseldorf from 12 November and the American Society of Haematology (ASH) in San Diego in December.

Hart Biologicals will also be sponsoring the ‘Improving anticoagulation therapy’ conference in London on 21 January 2019.

For more information on Hart Biologicals’ extended range of platelet reagents, the company’s custom MEA adapter or for more information on further trade shows Hart Bio will be attending, contact our sales manager, Paul Bates on 01429 271100 or